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3D System Generator for Sale
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The 3D System generator is a 3D parametric calculator and viewer for the web. Differently from a standard 3D viewer, the 3D system generator will generate a new model each time that the user will input a parameter. This will allow the user to observe the final model as it will be sold, printed or shipped.

The 3D system generator does not require the design of every model variation, it will generate it using the original model.

The system requires just a standard Blender parametric model to be uploaded through the admin web panel. It is also possible to get the final volume of the product generated by the user.

The system manages multiple textures and the user will be able to change them and see the products with other materials.

The system is also able to manage multiple companies/model owners, and it is multi-languages.

The 3D viewer can be used also on mobile phones and mobile browsers in general and 3D visualization can be enabled/disabled by the user.

It is possible to see the 3D System generator in action, following these 2 addresses: (simple integration) (shop integration)

In addition It is also possible to have a guided tour inside the structure and the code in a video conference. Subsequently you will also receive logins and passwords to test the admin panels.

If you are interested in acquiring the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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