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3rd Generation Queue Management Solutions & CRM For Sale

Waitover Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Whether it’s food courts or multiplexes, salons or doctors’ clinics, the traditional appointment system is broken. Even after booking an appointment, customers end up waiting for their turn which wastes time and causes frustration. As a result, they may leave the service provider and go over to its competitor.

Wait Over: An easy-to-use, real time solution to these problems!
With Wait Over, customers can remotely join a service provider’s queue without being physically present. As appointments are fulfilled and the queue moves along, the app automatically updates their wait time and notifies them when their turn gets close. This all happens instantly and in real time, so that the customer can get on the waitlist from anywhere through their mobile devices and also reduce their on-site wait times. And because they know exactly when their turn will come, they can use that time more productively to complete other tasks!

For Service providers, Wait Over offers a smart, technology-powered way to manage their appointments and walk-ins without hassle or confusion. They won’t have to waste time managing appointments and coordinating with customers because Wait Over will do it all for them! Staff can focus on what really matters – serving customers and making them happy. Since they can provide ‘live’ information about wait times to customers through their phones, they can also improve their performance levels and thus enhance customer experiences.

No matter the industry or appointment purpose, Wait Over simplifies the appointment process at both the customer’s and service provider’s end to:

Improve efficiency
Increase transparency
Enhance service delivery
Save time

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