Venture Age 9/2020

Auckland, New Zealand Ecommerce Sports and Outdoor

(AMAZING DEAL) Low-Risk, Established Football Dropshipping Store with Massive Growth Potential

Global Soccer Equipment Ltd.
Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



7 - 12 months

< £1,000


Global Soccer Equipment Ltd, commonly referred to as Global Soccer or GSE, is an established football/soccer dropshipping store with massive potential. Global Soccer has certified suppliers of brand-name products (i.e. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Kelme, Precision, Mitre, etc.) from the United Kingdom and China. Since it is THE FIRST AND ONLY soccer/football dropshipping store to carry brand name products, the business presents a new owner with the potential to capitalize on a multi-billion dollar industry. The business works with Reydon Sports PLC, who are based in Nottingham, UK and have over 6,000 SKUs of brand-name products in stock that ship directly to Global Soccer customers across the UK. They also work directly with Kelme China to dropship their football products internationally. Global Soccer's supplier relations are one of the best in the industry. The business requires EXTREMELY MINIMAL investment (both time and financial), since suppliers fulfill our customer's orders through the dropshipping business model. This means the new owner would only have to work 10 hours per week, and only pay for a product once a customer purchases it.

Due to personal reasons, the current owner has decided to part ways with the business. He would like to sell it in a timely manner, so has authorized that it be sold for a reduced price.

Global Soccer has up to 1,000 unique monthly website visitors, 3,000+ followers & over 45,000 impressions across all social media platforms, along with $310 worth of unused advertising. It has an engaged customer base due to its dedicated brand ambassadors and affiliates.

As an ecommerce store, this business does not operate from a permanent premises, it provides a future owner with great flexibility. It could be run from the comfort of your own home, or perhaps the buyer may want to invest and expand into office space.

Since Global Soccer has not done ANY advertising yet (all figures are 100% from organic and social page views only), a new owner could look to develop the business further through additional marketing and promoting special offers to gain more customers. Through increased advertising via social media and online platforms the business could boost exposure and skyrocket website growth.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! The Global Soccer team hopes the new owner will find the business as amazing as they did.

Website access, and reports of profits and website traffic.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with other):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
2021 (so far) £429 £288 £141
2020 £104 £73 £31
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last 12 months (verified with other):
Month/Year Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
August £60 £21 £39
July £59 £21 £38
June £56 £21 £35
May £66 £21 £45
April £44 £21 £23
March £52 £141 £-89
February £49 £21 £28
January £43 £21 £22
December £40 £21 £19
November £33 £21 £12
October £31 £31 £0
September £0 £0 £0
Claimed monthly unique visitors, page views and downloads for the last 12 months (verified with Google Analytics):
Month/Year Visitors Page views App Downloads
August 386 415 N/A
July 247 251 N/A
June 385 420 N/A
May 855 988 N/A
April 770 866 N/A
March (online store started) 840 955 N/A
February (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
January (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
December (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
November (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
October (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
September (sold directly to clubs) 0 0 N/A
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61 days left
2.5% of sale proceeds