Venture Age 12/2018

London, City of, United Kingdom Internet Internet

Amazon UK Coupon Code Platform
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Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 6 months

£1,001 - £10,000


DealsAndCodes is a platform that helps Amazon UK Sellers to promote their products by distributing coupon codes to Amazon buyers. Amazon sellers can upload code for their products on the website. These codes can be taken by Amazon buyers if they like the product. Buyers can register for free. For Amazon sellers there is a free trial. After that they need to subscribe in order to upload their codes for their products. Subscription will be based on how many products seller have. Sellers can; 1. Set daily coupon limit that should be distributed 2. Pause coupon distribution anytime 3. Can distribute single use coupon as well as group coupon 4. Distribute unlimited coupons. For more information on seller account: For more information on buyer account: There is an admin portal for website administrator as well. You can change trial days, subscription fees, etc from here. Free SSL certificate as well as unlimited company email addresses you can create for free. The website is 1 year old. The website has been developed and tested. It needs marketing. I am selling as I have got a full time job and cannot devote time on it.

See website for demonstration.
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