Venture Age 12/2018

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom App Sports and Outdoor

App for Sale - Two Runners in Two Different Cities Race Against Each Other

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I thought it would be cool if I could race my friend running who lives in Sydney Australia, whilst I run in Brighton UK. I coded an app, which he and I both have on our Android phones. The app tracks us running, calculates our top speed and total time to see who wins the race. It’s kind of addictive. It’s basic, more a prototype and doesn’t have a handy interface, but it works. A couple of friends said they wanted to join as it looks fun. This made me think this could be better. Interested to hear from anyone who wants to buy the app outright. I am also open to develop the app more if someone wanted to partner to fund further development.

If someone is interested they can trial the app on their phone and let's have a race!
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Private Sale
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29 days left
£95 per introduction
3% of sale proceeds