Venture Age 8/2017

London, City of, United Kingdom Ecommerce Business

Briefabarrister - Online lead generator for legal services

New Wayve Software Limited
Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 2 years

£50,001 - £75,000

0 is an online business: Targeting corporate and public clients who need to find a barrister for their particular legal situation - The web-based platform matches enquiries with barristers/chambers (in it's own database of 100's of barristers and chambers in the UK) who can provide the legal services and expertise being sought; Barristers purchase the leads which they are interested in. Dashboard functionality is provided for each user group as well as a super-admin functionality in the back-end. Once a lead has been acquired, the direct relationship between the barrister or their clerk and the person seeking legal services is created (to ensure confidentiality and client privilege), then managed by the parties directly. The platform is proven and scaled, but the business is now at the stage where it needs to invest or partner with a business that has telesales resources, can convert it to a mobile app and with in-house online-marketing capabilities.

The technology is live, being used and can be demonstrated any time.
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