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Venture Age 1/2014

Wirral, United Kingdom Software Business

Business Control Software For Sale

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Why did we create our software product?

I have worked within the IT service industry for over twenty years supporting many businesses of different types, we identified a common problem in relation to day to day business operations. With the standard business processes’ such as Customer Management, Quotation Management, Purchase Order processing, Job Management, Engineer Management and Service Desk Management. The common issues many businesses encounter is who has done what, when and what are the next tasks going forward. One strength in our product is the ability to easily customise the dashboard users see along with custom dashboards per user or groups. Our product is not sector specific however we are very strong within the service business sector.

What technologies do we use?

Our product is written in Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL server utilising stored procedures. We have integration with Sage and Xero for synchronising customer accounts and posting invoices from our product into a financial system.

What stage is our development?

We chose to develop this software with a single developer for two reasons the primary reason was to control the integration between software modules ensuing seamless integration and full product understanding along with budgeting decisions. As our primary business is an ICT company the software was a separate entity and we did not give the product enough sales focus. We do have three customers using the software who are providing a relocating monthly income and the software works perfectly for these customers however my original ideas where not complete, we do have a web portal so customers can view any current jobs and report on all previous works however we did not develop this into a proper mobile app. This is something someone else can take on enabling a very strong back end system with mobile integration.

So, what is the reason why we are looking to sell our source code?

• Our primary business is ICT support and services along with VOIP telephony. This has always been out primary business established in 2005. We have chosen to focus primarily on this business going forward. We have a great product that someone can pick up where we left off.
• Our primary software developer sadly passed away, no further development will be made on this product by us.

We can arrange a product demonstration, web conference using remote software. We can take potential buyers to existing customer sites, our company obviously one of them.

Please discuss financials if interested and NDA signed, full disclosure will be given on the project costs and current revenue. As stated above current costs are currently 0 as we do not have a developer. Current revenue on two paying clients is £780 per month. We use the software internally however we do not pay ourselves obviously

Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last 12 months (verified with audited financial statements):
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2019 £9360 £0 £9360
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