Venture Age 10/2018

Bournemouth, United Kingdom Ecommerce Design and Style

Craft E-Commerce Website For Sale

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Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 6 months

£1,001 - £10,000


Website for selling products of 'local offline craft designers' such as jewellery, glassware, pottery, wooden and metal ornaments and bespoke greeting cards. The website is for craft designers who don't have online sites but are skilled at making beautiful items, which they sell at trade fairs or produce as a hobby. I had the website built specially for me by a local website company in Bournemouth, so as well as being able to display and sell products, craft designers can upload their items for sale. This can be done on a product-by-product basis, including price, title, description and image.
When a product is sold an email is automatically sent to the craft designer notifying them of the sale and address to send the product too. My website retains a commission on sale which I set at 20%, but you can change it to whatever you want. The product price less my commission I send separately.

My circumstances have changed, so I am now unable to spend the time attracting the craft designers and running the site. I have a list of 20 craft designers local to me that all said that they would upload products, which I am happy to provide.

The site is currently live on the developer's server, the url of which I can make available to an interested buyer.
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