Venture Age 7/2021

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Earnathon a Quizzing Website for Sale
Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



7 - 12 months

£2,001 - £3,000

1 - 3

Earnathon is a quizzing website where users can invest and make money if they win quizzes.

User journey:
1. User logs in.
2. Adds bank account details
3. Invests some money.
4. Plays a quiz.
5. If user wins, winning amount is instantly disbursed into their bank account.
6. If users loses, they can reduce some of their losses by sharing the website with their friends.

Target country: India

By using the website itself:

There is a PWA of this webapp. The same can be downloaded from the website itself.

Private Sale
Indicative price
26 days left
£1 per introduction