Venture Age 4/2021

London, City of, United Kingdom Internet Financial

Financial Adviser Website for Sale
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1 - 6 months

< £1,000


This website was originally created as a concept for a small / medium financial services company. The idea was to focus on the individual advisers within the business, creating a LinkedIn style staff section. The concept design is for sale and I will work with the purchaser to finish the site and tailor this to their business. All the content and images can be replaced to fit any chosen business. I can also connect this site to your CRM system if you are currently using a system for lead management. Alternatively leads will be emailed to your chosen address. I will also assist with Google Analytics integration to allow for basic analytics data to be viewed, along with a small number of event tracking tags.

You can view the site at the aforementioned address. Bare in mind this is still in development stage and so may vary on the final build.
Private Sale
Indicative price
55 days left
10% of sale proceeds