Venture Age 12/2018

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom Internet Lifestyle

Find a Trusted Nanny/Babysitter Website

Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 6 months

£1,001 - £10,000


A website for searching and booking local trusted nannies and babysitters. We have 34 nannies/babysitters that have been pre-interviewed and DBS-checked (Disclosure and Barring System) that have active accounts on the site and are available. Simply search using your postcode, review the nannies in your local area and book one directly using the website. A commission is retained from each booking. There are hundreds and thousands more nannies to add across the UK, so the potential is huge.

The website is currently offline, but I can reinstall it to a server to make it live to demonstrate it working to interested purchasers.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with management accounts):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
31 December 2018 £0 £-4,750 £-4,750
Seller’s Q&A
Private Sale
Indicative price
24 days left
£90 per introduction
5% of sale proceeds