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JTC Chinese Learning App For Sale

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Our interactive Chinese learning app created to make Chinese learning easy and understandable. It gives user a possibility to hear pronunciation from native speakers, check characters stroke order and check their own pronunciation with a help of speech recognition system.

The app consists of 5 parts:

1) Interactive lessons which includes personalized cartoons, new words and phrases, exersises and review;

2) Pinyin chart which helps user to learn and fix the pronunciation of each an every syllable;

3) Games: 4 interactive games to learn new words and train prinunciation;

4) Vocabulary: a big variaty of words which can be learnt directly in this part. THEMED VOCABULARY will enrich user's vocabulary as well as check pronunciation in every topic you need at the moment.

5) User's page to see achievements and get feedback from a teacher.

All learning process is guided by famous animated chatacter of Chinese culture and literature Sun Wu Kong, With progress user gets a unique comics with history of Sun Wu Kong. Thats is why our app not only teach language but culture.

You can see brief introduction via youtube link:
Or download the app from IOS:

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