Venture Age 1/2021

Berlin, Germany Software Internet

Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



2 - 5 years

£400,001 - £500,000

4 - 10


With their strong vision that the new workforce will communicate and collaborate differently, the founders started building a radically new enterprise video & mobile communication platform.

Their unique approach brought together experts of completely different professions: Enterprise Communications, Video Production, Video Editing Applications, Cutting Edge Movie Production Expertise.


– SaaS-based B2B Focus
– Pricing for Customers: €129/Month – €2990/Month in standard packages

MOSAIC is a powerful and innovative enterprise video platform for the upcoming intergenerational change in our workplaces.

The problem: Producing a video is often easier said than done. You can either outsource your video to an expensive agency or create the content in-house, which requires the mastering of several complex tools while being highly time-consuming.

MOSAIC solves this problem by enabling companies to produce videos at scale, fully-automated and with an unlimited number of users merely recorded by anyone in the organization.


State-of-the-art platform architecture with a scalable design and a high degree of automation, interacting & collaborating (platform stage: 80% built)
Support of all common video formats and operating systems
Plugins to leading social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter & Hootsuite Integration
Special features for companies to manage and control the communication flow, especially regarding Rights/Community Management, GDPR and IP protection


s. detailed Financial/Growth Plan to Exit (tb shared by request)


Mid-/Large-sized Corporates that have multiple locations, have a large segment of their workforce operate remotely.

A new generation of young employees are about to enter the professional world. This “NextGen” of Millennials and Generation Z make up more than 3.5bn of the world’s population and combined account for >50% of the global workforce in 2025. Used to latest sophisticated digital technology all their lives, NextGeners spend up to 10 hours a day on electronic devices and on visual social media networks like Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok.

These new young professionals will bring their own way to communicate and collaborate into the companies. Sharing information mostly by video, not only internally, but with customers, users, business partners and contacts on social media networks challenge companies regarding secrecy-, personal data- and copyright-protection. But it also opens new and forceful opportunities, like Employee Generated Content (“EGC”) which turns employees into trustworthy brand ambassadors.

MOSAIC is specially designed for the needs of next generation communications, to support EGC, to increase employer’s attractiveness to young professionals, to keep company managers in control regarding corporate governance and regulation rules, to create synergies with other new tools such as Trello, JIRA and Slack, and to support intrinsic motivation, productivity & effectiveness.


– Pre-Revenue, Pre-Go to Market
– 100% SaaS model based on own IP

Competitive pricing (€5 ARPU mly.)
Roadmap: DACH, Europe, USA, Asia
Annual growth rates of >100%
Attractive profit margins of 40%
Synergies with a strategically fitting partner could reduce capex massively

Further details in Financial/Growth Plan to Exit (tb shared by request)


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