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MyRevision | Stationery, Technology and Revision Material Website for Sale

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MyRevision is a dropshipping website which allows users across the world to purchase items such as stationery, technology and revision material. We also provide up to date GCSE revision for UK examinations, students may access the website at any time to retrieve past exam papers or revision material which may help them achieve a higher grade at GCSE.

I can provide Google analytics data to show that the website is showing up on search engines and is getting traffic. It is connected to Adsense and is generating a small profit. All SEO has been completed and the website ranks high on Google etc.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with no verification):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
2019 £0 £0 £0
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01/2020 £0 £0 £0
02/2020 £20 £0 £20
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Month/Year Visitors Page views App Downloads
10/2019 41 114 0
11/2019 3478 6089 0
12/2019 4467 6883 0
01/2020 77 191 0
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