Venture Age 1/2011

Brent, United Kingdom Internet Internet

Price Comparison Website for Money Transfer and Forex Companies For Sale

SendThatCash Ltd
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1 - 2 years

£7,501 - £10,000

0 is a price comparison website for users seeking to find the cheapest and safest companies to send money abroad. The website has excellent user experience with a number of functionalities such as user accounts, an automated comparison table and a live exchange rate. Owners/webmasters can add new transfer corridors, new companies and new landing pages to generate revenues. You can also modify ranking on the featured results comparison table where companies can pay to be featured. Since company exchange rates are vital for comparing money transfer and foreign exchange companies API’s can be pulled easily from company websites which show the actual exchange rate live. The website also has good Search engine optimisation functionalities and tools allowing owners/webmasters to create articles to publish on the website and on the blog. It also has good business intelligence functions. At its peak the site ranked on the top of the first page for several competitive keywords results on google including “compare money transfer” which is usually searched thousands of times a day. The website is optimised for revenue generation.

The website is available to use online currently but we can also prepare a virtual viewing of the front end of the site and the admin page.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with filed financial statements):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
2018 £0 £200 £0/200
2019 £0 £200 £0/200
2020 £0 £200 £0/200
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