Venture Age 11/2019

Leeds, United Kingdom Ecommerce Home and Garden

Profitable Bedroom Furniture Ecommerce

Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 2 years

< £1,000



Barclay Beds is a unique opportunity for a buyer as ultimately what you are buying is a very profitable e-commerce website with a very strong relationship with the supplier.

Barclay Beds specialises in bedroom furniture mainly Beds and Headboards within the UK market. When I started the site I mainly sold headboards for beds and saw a consistent drive of sales through this medium. Recently I have added Beds to the catalogue, which has an even higher ROI and has gained a very high interest from the ads.

The model is simple, I advertise via google shopping and the customer makes a purchase via the website (PayPal or Stripe), the supplier is sent the orders and fulfils within the time advised. The customer is sent an email along with the tracking details once the order has been shipped.

The supplier is located within the UK and handcrafts all the products. We have managed to collect over 200 reviews with an average star rating of 4.62. These are reflected on the website and a further push to obtain more can be done by the new owner.


Barclay Beds provides a very stable increase of profits month on month. Currently the only advertisement method is Google shopping and the returns from this have been very healthy. There is a lot of things that could be done with the site to increase this revenue which will definitely increase the gross sales and net profit. A few of the strengths are listed below

A reputable brand with a 4.6 star rating
Auto pilot model
A potentially very large audience base
A customised premium theme (Wordpress)
SEO established and improving month on month
Google Ads account with a lot of conversion data
Facebook Ads with conversion event data


I have listed below my tasks with an approximate time frame that I use in order to keep the site running;

Responding to emails - (30 minutes a day - this can vary depending on how many emails come through however on average it takes me 30 minutes a day)

Responding to online Chat - (30 minutes a day)

Reviewing Google shopping - (1 hour a week)

Uploading feed to Google merchant centre (15 mins - once a month)

The communication methods currently are email and web chat only. The current advertised turnaround for a response is 24 hours this however can be changed as you feel fit.


You get a super well developed Google shopping campaign optimised for keywords that have converted. I have spent many hours on this and paid for courses to improve my knowledge of Google shopping - the campaigns will be provided and I will also help personally with any questions you may have with the campaigns.

The service along with the financials and set up can be demonstrated via a remote demo call. This can be done via remote screen sharing and also screenshots etc.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last 12 months (verified with other):
Month/Year Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
Sep-20 £17342.70 £9347.30 £7775.45
Oct-20 £26860.10 £19183.13 £5747.67
Nov-20 £40623.60 £20363.56 £19664.23
Dec-20 £13404.50 £16799.78 £-4219.98
Jan-21 £37930.19 £22897.16 £14422.13
Feb-21 £48537.06 £41411.60 £5630.76
Mar-21 £48982.96 £40009.13 £8079.08
Apr-21 £26136.35 £32675.89 £-6659.49
May-21 £41455.38 £38681.84 £1199.39
Jun-21 £26238.82 £28709.88 £-3305.91
Jul-21 £40036.21 £38945.82 £197.08
Aug-21 £32882.89 £37601.70 £-6208.56
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