Venture Age 6/2007

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Real estate website, great reviews, thousands of listings
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> 5 years

£20,001 - £30,000

1 - 3

Since 2007 the real estate website has provided property listings for private vendors, developers and agents. We spend nothing on advertising and all customers find it by organic search.

There are over three thousand properties listed and income is generated by charging an annual subscription and selling business advertising space on the site. However the new owner could adapt it to sell their own properties.

The website has an internal messaging system and extensive administrator pages. The back-end is .NET Core 3.1, C# 8.0 and Sql Server 2019, hosted in Microsoft Azure. The front-end is Angular 10, hosted in Google Firebase. The hosting costs are minimal.

After payment all source code and the site registration account will be transferred to the new owner.

Previous year figures for web site: -£822 (loss).

Current year figures for web site: +£53 (estimated profit).

As the website is not making a large profit, you are paying for the website asset which constitutes over 25,000 man-hours of work. The constant refinement and improvement over many years has resulted in a very slick and stable platform. It is bug-free, extensively tested, mobile friendly and has many great reviews:

From the date of purchase we will provide one month of free technical support by email, in case you have any questions about the code.

Because we have no budget for advertising we believe it's time for the site to move into new hands, so that it can reach its full potential.

Visit to browse the web site.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with audited financial statements):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
To Sept 28th 2018 £67 £783 £716
To Sept 28th 2019 £61 £789 £728
To Sept 28th 2020 £0 £822 £822
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last 12 months (verified with other):
Month/Year Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
Sept 28th 2020 - May 2012 £109.30 £35.28 £74.02
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