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Venture Age 7/2020

Cornwall, United Kingdom Ecommerce Electronics

Selling Mobile Tech/Accessories Website for Sale

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Brand new, ready to use website. Simply put, it is a E-commerce dropshipping store which offers a huge variety of products, accessories and technology to advance and glamour every customers needs and wants relating to every mobile device possible. This simple, easy-to-use website has recently been designed and readily been prepared to use at the push of a button. The slick but simple light green and white design is designed specifically to interest, captivate, and be easy on the eyes to the willing customers that you will bring in with the easy to use marketing techniques and niche market meaning that with enough effort, the website will be profitable as easy as that. With the website comes two work emails, a domain email and a support email all ready to go. After purchase, i will send all the log in details and where to go with instructions on how to apply Paypal etc. as well as how do set up the necessary parts to start on this profitable journey. The website has been testing and all is working and ready to go. With profit margins being around 25% of all sales, making profit will be easy with the correct marketing and advertising. Of course the profit margin can be changed greatly to make even over 90% profit if necessary but that will mean less purchases. There are currently around 250 products live on the website as of now but can have the capacity to sell over 10,000 products, with around 6,000 in the deleted section of the products which aren't live but can easily be made live and available at literally the click of a button and will automatically be shown on the "New Releases'' sliding display of the main menu for customers to see and interpret the dedication put into the website. There are over millions of other products that can be found on the dropshipping website (included in the package after purchased) which can easily be imported and sold at your command.

On the website there are several different categories, pages, and subcategories for which these products can be displayed and demonstrated to the customers. Each product will have its own picture, description and diagrams with prices and all the necessary information which can all be changed with ease. each product, when clicked on, will take you to the individual page of the product which shows several other pictures of product with descriptions and price etc. (just like seen in all the top websites) to properly show off the complexity of the coding and design of the website.
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