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Social Media Weddings
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Social Media Weddings is the UK’s first professionally run complete social media wedding service.

How do you make your perfect day even more perfect? When it’s played out perfectly on social media, of course! Our team of top photographers and social media experts:
- Build excitement before your big day, communicate with your guests and tell your story on social media
- Photograph and video your day, stream the ceremony live onto social media and run a social media wall at your reception
- Post the images into a social media wedding album ready for when you wake up the day after your celebration

Using social media, we generate excitement for a wedding by sharing stories, photographs, videos and plans for the day.
We will help weddings run more smoothly by keeping guests up-to-date and sharing information.
We can also advise how to create a wedding gift list using Pinterest.
Your wedding day

– professional photographers use discreet camera phones to capture the day. These photos can go out immediately over social media, whetting guests’ appetite for the rest of the day, or saved for use later.

– the wedding ceremony is streamed live over social media while the photographers continue to capture the day.

– a social media wall will be displayed at the wedding venue, featuring photos taken by our photographers. Guests will be able to share their own photos and comments.
Post wedding

– images and videos will be posted into a Facebook album ready for when the next morning – no waiting for months to see photos!
“It’s a day of pretending to be a celebrity, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to feeling famous, and who wouldn’t like that?!” Social Media Weddings Groom, Will Diggins.

“Social Media Weddings will revolutionise the wedding industry.” Liz Whitaker, Marriott Hotels.


Social Media Weddings has been featured on the BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Metro, InStyle, Vows & Venues and a host of other places.

It was created by Status Social (, one of the UK's first specialist social media agencies.


Social Media Weddings hasn't generated any income because, as we discovered, the wedding industry is completely different to the business-to-business industry! Status Social has grown considerably since the first Social Media Wedding so although we have dabbled in marketing the service, we've never done it properly. We've felt that building relationships with venues and planners is the way forward but that takes time. We have run two Social Media Weddings free-of-charge.

Through the website, social media channels and conversations with the owners.
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