Venture Age 8/2021

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Software Travel

Software for Modelling a Travel Destination on a Single Web Page
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Software facilitating the rapid modelling of travel destinations through data. Currently built for London through data, its live visualisation can be seen at

Its USPs are:

• It defines activities for the destination in simple terms on a single web page

• It indicates whether an activity is open or closed on the selected date

• the pricing engine calculates a standard price for each activity based on the makeup of the party of visitors, thereby giving the end user a direct comparison of prices across each activity

• low cost of ownership by design

The technology comprises a CGI program written in the C programming language, and accesses its data via structured Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

I created the end-to-end design and coded the software myself, and this unique platform now presents a great opportunity for an interested party to take these ideas and this technology forward on a commercial basis.

The buyer is purchasing the CGI C code, a set of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets supporting the live London instance, and technical documentation.

By viewing the website via desktop, tablet or mobile browser.
Technical document describing the architecture is available

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