Venture Age 6/2020

Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas Online Content Lifestyle

Web Instagram Viewer For Sale
Venture name

Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 6 months

£1,001 - £2,000


With Full Insta it is possible to browse Instagram on mobile and desktop without an account.

It allows to search for users and hashtags and browse the feed.

It was heavily invested in the SEO and that made it possible to reach almost 2M views in Jan 2021

All traffic is organic and contains ~80% of search traffic


Users per month:

Sep 2020: 800

Oct 2020: 15k

Nov 2020: 42k

Dec 2020: 110k

Jan 2021: 179k

Feb 2021: 115k

Avg Session Duration: 4min could be visited on any computer.
Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last three years (verified with no verification):
Year End Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
2020 £146 £100 £46
2021 £320 £20 £300
Claimed monthly unique visitors, page views and downloads for the last 12 months (verified with Google Analytics):
Month/Year Visitors Page views App Downloads
Sep 2020 800 8k 0
Oct 2020 15k 197k 0
Nov 2020 42k 531k 0
Dec 2020 110k 1.3M 0
Jan 2021 115k 1.8M 0
Feb 2021 114k 1.1M 0
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