Venture Age 5/2017

London, City of, United Kingdom Technology Other

Webcrawler for Sale

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1 - 6 months

< £1,000


Does anyone need there own web crawling tech? I am a programmer, have been since the age of 12 (now a wise 22). Rather than review all the IT job sites all the time for freelance work, which is a full time job in itself, I built a web crawler to retrieve the jobs that were of interest to me. This runs each day. Works well as I only have to read a few job vacancies rather than mindlessly trolling through hundreds. Someone might want to buy this? If it wasn’t jobs you are interested in, I can easily set it up for anything else. I previously had it set up for game consoles retrieving me the daily prices. Happy to help or be paid to develop it further and set it up for you.

The web crawler is built using python. I can demo over a skype call.
Private Sale
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58 days left
3% of sale proceeds