Venture Age 2/2000

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Online Content Other

Website for Sale: Front-end blog with backend

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1 - 6 months

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1 - 3

RennTekStudios website provides a modern style unique display, full time mobile responsive, as well as a prototype backend administration panel allowing you to control the "Scripts", "Assets" pages of the website. As a prototype we have created the website with easy to modifications to allow you the ability to access assets of the database, change pages and smoothly adjust the style template without any issues. We have it currently setup as a "Gaming Development Page" for this purpose we can show you multiple functions the backend can manage, like for example "File Downloads", "File Uploads", "Session Checking", "Responsive Design" and on top of everything else it's all automatic from the backend. The entire website will become automatic, all controlled form the administration panel. Perfect template for them what wish to make something like an ecommerce, or even additionally expand things to sell directly from your website. Handle donations or pass additional assets without the issue if rewriting the website over and over. Just 1 simple template controls everything. Renntekstudios limited portfolio is a blog style system, it uses a backend to list the assets itself. The scripts, packages, and other systems are all controlled through the backend of things.

See website. It would allow you to list blog products, for example we used it to list assets and free downloadable systems. As well as upload them to the website. A comprehensive admin panel with multiple features is also available to demo on request.
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34 days left
2.5% of sale proceeds