Website to Compile Interactive Children’s Story Books for Learning Listed for Sale on CrowdMnA

Venture Age 10/2018

Manchester, United Kingdom Software Entertainment

Website to Compile Interactive Children’s Story Books for Learning

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1 - 2 years

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Children love being read a story. We love reading stories. But what about if you and your children could be in the story, which also becomes a learning tool teaching new words and grammar to your children? At Story Book we have developed a story template tool, accessible on a website, so you and your child can now write a story together, with you both in the lead roles. You select your story template based on your child’s age, such as 4 years old and a wildlife adventure or visit to a new city, then the template has a theme that you follow with new suggested words that your child can insert into the story. You can also upload photos and invite another person to also participate in the story formation. A complete story is formed which you can download and save to read again and again.

The software works for a 4, 5 and 6 year old sourcing different word sets. It is build as a website tool, accessible on a normal url, which we will disclose to interested parties. The product is fully functional as explained above. Due to a change in circumstances we now wish to find a buyer for the product who is able to commercialise it to its full capacity.

The website address will be disclosed to interested parties and a demo can be performed online.
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