Venture Age 3/2021

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Youmeabc Montessori Toy Store
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Stage of development


Cash Invested



1 - 6 months

£1,001 - £2,000


Youmeabc is a Montessori style inspired toy store. Our vision was to sell high quality affordable wooden Montessori toys as, from our experience, they have become unbelievably popular as of recently. Modern parent tend to choose organic wooden toys over colorful plastic toys, this is due to the Montessori style play and learn popularity and of course, being more environment friendly. We were also encouraged to do this simply because we saw first hand how much children enjoy this sort of play and learn environment and how beneficial it was.

We have built our website on Shopify and also have created Instagram page (currently 1.2k followers) this is where our main sales come from and we believe is the way forward. We have also established Facebook ads center account and run continuous ads to gain more visibility and spread brand awareness.

Claimed revenue, costs and profit/(loss) for the last 12 months (verified with management accounts):
Month/Year Revenue Costs Profit/Loss
3 Months of Operation £700 £500 £200
Claimed monthly unique visitors, page views and downloads for the last 12 months:
Month/Year Visitors Page views App Downloads
3 Months of Operation 2,350 34 orders 0
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